Tamar’s Story*

Tamar was shocked and dismayed when one hour into her new job at a falafel shop, the town’s kosher supervisor demanded she quit.  He did not know Tamar or her family, but he assumed on the basis of her skin color that her status as a Jew was questionable and she was therefore not qualified to prepare or serve food at a kosher restaurant.

Tamar hurried to find her community rabbi in order to verify that she was indeed Jewish, but the kosher supervisor did not wait for her to return and instead declared that her employment in the shop was improper.  When she returned to the restaurant, Tamar was fired.

Tamar took her case to Tebeka, which filed suit on her behalf, since she was illegally discriminated against. The court fought for Tamar and ordered the local religious council to pay her $25,000.

*Name and some details changed to protect confidentiality of client

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