Avi’s* story

Avi turned to Tebeka when he learned that his son David would be placed in a special education class the following school year. After looking into the matter, Tebeka’s attorneys discovered that while David had low grades, he did not suffer from any learning disabilities or behavioral issues, and by law should not be placed in a special education classroom. Tebeka informed the local Department of Education that it would be appealing the decision, and the Assignment Committee held a meeting to review their decision as a result. A Tebeka attorney represented Avi and David at the meeting, and asserted that the Department of Education had violated David’s rights in assigning him to a special education classroom without justification. The committee reversed its decision, and David was allowed to remain in his classroom.

Tamar’s* Story

Tamar was shocked and dismayed when one hour into her new job at a falafel shop, the town’s kosher supervisor demanded she quit.  He did not know Tamar or her family, but he assumed on the basis of her skin color that her status as a Jew was questionable and she was therefore not qualified to prepare or serve food at a kosher restaurant. Tamar hurried to find her community Rabbi in order to verify that she was indeed Jewish. Unfortunately, the kosher supervisor did not wait for her to return and instead declared that her employment in the shop was improper. When she returned to the restaurant, Tamar was fired. Tamar took her case to Tebeka, which filed suit on her behalf, since she was illegally discriminated against. The court fought for Tamar and ordered the local religious council to pay her $25,000.

Tal’s Story

After getting married, Tal and his wife moved to a different community to start their lives as newlyweds. While listening to the radio one night, Tal heard a Tebeka attorney discussing the topic of worker’s rights. It was then that he realized that although he had chosen to leave his previous job, he was still entitled to compensation, which he hadn’t received. With Tebeka’s counsel, Tal was able to resolve this illegal situation by successfully collecting from his former employer the full amount owed to him under the law.

Shlomit’s* Story

Shlomit was a mother of two working as a cashier in a grocery store. While working, she became pregnant and informed her employer. When asked to lift heavy milk crates, she politely refused and was subsequently fired – a violation of the law. Not knowing what to do, Shlomit turned to Tebeka. Tebeka worked with Shlomit to try to reach an agreement with the grocery store, but when this did not work, they turned to the court system. With Tebeka representing her, Shlomit told her story and received compensation for the salary she had lost and the injury suffered, and came to better understand her rights as a citizen of Israel.

Amira’s Story

Amira was born in Ethiopia and came to Israel as a child. During her legal studies, she gained valuable experience interning at Tebeka, which enabled her to secure a clerkship at a prestigious law firm. After passing the Bar exam, Amira was offered a position as an associate in the firm’s litigation department. Today, she is a rising star at Zellermayer Pelossof & Co., one of Israel’s leading law firms. While balancing the demands of her legal career, Amira continues to be involved with Tebeka as a memeber of it’s Board of Directors.

Galit’s* Story

Galit was in a terrible situation: a court had ordered her twelve year-old son Yossi to be taken from her home and committed to a menal hospital after he was diagnosed with mild mental retardation, and the Department of Welfare determined that Galit was uncooperative with his treatment. Galit knew that her son would be safest at home, but did not want to give him the prescribed medication, as it had severe side effects. Galit turned to Tebeka, who commissioned a second opinion from a doctor who recommended changing Yossi’s medication. As a result of Tebeka’s intervention, the court changed its decision, and Yossi was allowed to remain at home.

*Name and some details changed to protect confidentiality of client.

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