Legal Activities

Legal Department

Tebeka runs legal aid clinics that serve over 1,000 clients each year in areas of law including discrimination in housing, education, family, employment and civil rights. These clinics operate free of change and aim to remove cultural, financial, and linguistic barriers. Tebeka is culturally sensitive, acknowledging that the system of justice in Ethiopia was entirely different than that of Israel. Tebeka’s attorneys work with clients, often in their native Amharic, to help them understand their rights and navigate the legal system, providing legal representation as needed.

Protecting Children’s Rights

Ethiopian-Israeli children can be at a disadvantage if their parents do not speak Hebrew or understand Israeli norms around child-rearing. Tebeka works with families and the government as needed to avoid children unnecessarily being taken away from their homes and placed in boarding schools or special education classrooms.

Legal Leadership Program

Each year, Tebeka accepts several legal interns into its offices in an effort to strengthen the small community of Ethiopian-Israeli lawyers and help them build a network while gaining professional experience. Tebeka’s internship program provides real experiences to students and attorneys that enable them to succeed in their legal careers by helping them to secure appropriate internships while they are students and successful apprenticeships once they graduate.

Legal Rights Education

Through workshops and seminars held in both Hebrew and Amharic, Tebeka educates Ethiopian-Israelis about their rights as Israeli citizens and their options for recourse when their rights have been violated. Workshops and seminars are held in cities across Israel including Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Yokneam. In 2014, the demand for these lectures grew by 200% compared to 2013.

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