Vision, Mission, Activities

Tebeka’s Vision

Tebeka’s vision is of a socially and economically empowered Ethiopian-Israeli community that retains its rich cultural heritage and participates fully in a pluralistic Israeli society that guarantees equal protection of the law for all its citizens.

Tebeka’s Mission

To ensure justice and equality for Ethiopian-Israelis by safeguarding their individual rights and by working to abolish discrimination against their community.

To encourage Ethiopian-Israelis to take responsibility for forging their own futures and fulfilling their obligations as citizens of Israel.

To cultivate and strengthen a growing cadre of Ethiopian-Israeli leaders and professionals, and to open social and networking channels to help Ethiopian-Israelis successfully integrate into mainstream Israeli society.

Tebeka’s Areas of Activity

Legal Action: Operating free legal aid clinics, conducting impact litigation, and promoting policy initiatives at the local and national level on behalf of Ethiopian-Israelis.

Education and Community Awareness Raising: Conducting workshops and seminars to help Ethiopian immigrants understand their legal rights and to ensure that they benefit from the same privileges and protections afforded to all Israeli citizens.

Safeguarding Children’s Rights: Ensuring the health, safety, education and social well-being of Ethiopian-Israeli children and their parents by offering legal assistance, counseling and cultural mediation in dealing with family matters, school authorities, social services and the courts.

Leadership Development: Providing scholarships, internships, mentorships, skills-training and networking opportunities to help Ethiopian-Israelis succeed in their studies, assume leadership roles in their professions, serve as ambassadors for their community, and, ultimately, advance the cause of justice in Israel.

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